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Refine Your Niche – Become the Yoga Entrepreneur

Imagine the excitement in sharing your work at an international venue like the Yoga Journal Conferences! Many of the most recognizable teachers in the world participate. The level of energy the teachers and students bring ignites the training and reconnects us with our passion for yoga. In sharing the joy of Hiking Yoga on all different levels, I wanted to help so many of the yoga teachers that have their own amazing niche, but expressed a need for a map to refine it and become the Yoga Entrepreneur they envision!  Hiking Yoga has a unique niche and as a family business, we put our hearts into it as Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. We celebrate being present outdoors by encouraging others to take their practice to a multidimensional level. These building blocks are the stairs that lead us to the Yoga Journal Conferences year after year.

This time around I am leading Yoga Hikes on the beach in Miami at the prestigious Westin Diplomat  with its swanky palm trees and fabulous pools adjacent to the beach.

As I arrive with my family, I have only one day to design a course that integrates the best of the resort, ocean views and all other images people may have of bliss filled yoga on the beach. It is exhilarating and challenging to show off the best aspects of new locations on the fly. I am a map nerd and love studying the possibilities to deliver the most exhilarating experience.

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It can be intimidating making your offering next to some of the top teachers in the world. Yoga lovers pay for entrance to the conference and can pick from whomever sounds most appealing. We initially offered two 2-hour Yoga Hikes per day and to our delight they sold out right away!

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Why is it that I have much less name recognition than some of these renown yoga teachers but still have a rush of yogis signing up to participate in a Yoga Hike?

It is the power of offering something compelling and unique that makes all the difference.  

This represents the heart of finding your niche and offering your best work whatever that may be. I feel so blessed to have found mine and have created an opportunity to share that experience with you. Through Hiking Yoga Training I want to teach you to grow your niche so one day you too will work with some of the most exciting teachers and have your offering be recognized in conferences around the world!

To the students at the conference, Hiking Yoga offers an eye opening and gratifying yoga practice. We will hike and enjoy the quintessential thrills of Florida and practice yoga in nature with the waves flowing in harmony with the breathe.

Leading Yoga Hikes around the world in unique and breathtaking landscapes inspired me to share my established brand with others. I know the hard work and passion it takes to bring a niche to life. I want to share my unique offering by combining your passion and working together to refine your niche to help YOU thrive as a Yoga Entrepreneur for a lifetime!

Hiking Yoga – Family Owned – Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

hy Eric n CarinaThere is something unique about a Yoga Hike that goes beyond the amazing experience of taking a hike in your city and delving into yoga stops along the way.  There is a sense of friendship that develops with your instructor and fellow Yoga Hikers.  This feeling is not accidental, it starts from the top.  The Founder of Hiking Yoga, Eric Kipp, leads regular Yoga Hikes in his community and around the country.  Eric and his wife Carina are on the other end of your phone calls, emails, coaching ventures and social media interactions.  As daunting of a task as this may seem, since Hiking Yoga is growing so rapidly, Eric and Carina are also joyously in the whirlwind of diaper changing and approval filled kisses landing upon their two children’s foreheads all while taking care of their daily business adventures.

So you may be thinking, “How do they do it?”

Having a compelling vision is key.  Eric and Carina’s “work-life” balance comes from a strong belief in being lifestyle entrepreneurs.  This means having the end in mind of the life they want to live and creating a business that supports that vision. The more common approach to owning a business involves creating a business and letting life be what is left behind… the left-over scraps, if you will, that are gathered after the business is established.

Eric and Carina share a powerful vision of getting people to be in the moment in their bodies… getting them to explore their communities, their relationship with nature and the role yoga plays in their lives.  This vision is shared first with each other and then with teachers and partners who in turn share it with yoga hikers around the world… bringing Hiking Yoga to more communities.

Family and friends are such a big part of Hiking Yoga that Eric, Carina and their children live seasonally in Uruguay, Missouri and California in order to share their time with the people that they love the most.  So although you may never meet the family behind Hiking Yoga, their openness to teach and lead comes from the heart and from their goals being in line with YOUR friends and family experiencing all that a Yoga Hike has to offer.

Family – Friendships – Nature – Community – Yoga – Fresh Air and Peace of Mind

Hiking Yoga cares about the health and wellness movement and it shows in every Yoga Hike.  A compelling vision is why a family owned business like Hiking Yoga will continue to grow within our cities and within our hearts.  We hope you will join in the greater Hiking Yoga family!

Nurture Your Mind and Body in Nature!

hiking yoga outdoor benefits 7 Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Reach your arms up to the sky…root your feet into the earth…take a deep breathe in…

We hear these cues in the studio yoga but it would help if we were surrounded by sky, earth and fresh air!  There are great benefits to stepping off the mat and taking your yoga practice outdoors.

Green exercise or activity in the presence of nature…

  • Improves self-esteem and mood by increasing serotonin
  • Revitalizes us and makes us feel more alive
  • Improves focus
  • Lowers risk of obesity
  • Increases exercise frequency
  • Is the best way to get a daily dose of Vitamin D
  • Increases oxygen uptake for improved metabolism

Hiking Yoga adds in the cardio of hiking to create the best recipe for a healthy happy YOU!

How Yoga Compliments Hiking

Tree at water

Customers come to us seeking a wide variety of benefits to enhance their lifestyle. Some yoga hikers come to distress after a long day or week in the office.

Yoga is a great compliment to hiking. Various relaxation techniques, meditations and breathing exercises are more fulfilling and grounding in natural flowing air, compared to an enclosed class where the amount of oxygen is limited. The website Health and Yoga lists more benefits of meditation, including increase in serotonin production. This influences mood and behavior. Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression, obesity, insomnia and headaches.

By integrating the yoga, we are also a lot less sore. Instead of powering up the mountains and being unaware of how they are hiking, we are focusing on the ankles, hip flexers and body motion while exercising. We eliminate the soreness after one is finished hiking by having yoga stations in intervals throughout the hike.

The combination also opens up the lungs more due to the cardio and focus on breath. We do partner yoga so that people can connect, which keep the lungs working during conversation too! A shared experience is just sweeter, since it is simply wonderful to be outdoors and interacting with like-minded people.