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The Faces of Hiking Yoga – Meet Lisa Gaillant

““Be like the sun for grace and mercy.I am amazed at the level of engagement the “ice water bucket challenge” has produced in people through out the Facebook community.   Although I personally don’t have any interest in documenting myself getting drenched in cold water and I fail to see the connection with donating time or money to a charity close to my heart, I can appreciate people who have fun with it!   Most of all, I am thrilled that the ALS foundation has reported a huge increase in donations and many more people are participating and giving to causes they believe in thanks to the “ice water bucket challenge.”  A one-time highly visible and fun event of giving can turn into a practice and I believe there are many people who make volunteering and giving a natural part of their every day life (as a good friend of mine, Pamela Hawley, says.)

One of the people we know and love, who make giving and volunteering a natural part of their life is Lisa Gaillant.  We interviewed Lisa for this edition of The Faces of Hiking Yoga and we hope you enjoy getting to know her a little bit more.  Maybe you will even feel inspired to contribute to Lisa’s cause or to any cause you feel a strong connection to.    Every little bit we can do helps!

Lisa GLisa joined Hiking Yoga leading classes in our Los Gatos and Woodside locations.  She is a really fun and dynamic person with many fun and diverse interests.   She impressed me with her level of support of Cancer CAREpoint through the Pose 4 a Purpose event scheduled for September 13th in Vasona Park in Los Gatos, CA.  Not only will she be donating her time in teaching a Hiking Yoga class, but she will also donate her time in leading a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Yoga class!  Get to know this fabulous person that we are fortunate to count as part of our Hiking Yoga Family and attend one of her classes while supporting a good cause!

What styles of yoga influence your teaching?


Definitely Power Yoga and Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Yoga.  I actually had visions of teaching  yoga on the water instead of in a studio.  Like all things, it was a process.  Before I attained my SUP Yoga certification (this past June)  I had to get my 200-hour yoga TT and I continue to learn and grow my practice each and every day.

Share with us when Hiking Yoga made it’s way into your heart?


I was asked if I was interested in taking over the Hiking Yoga schedule for my fellow friend/yoga teacher, Emily Galvin in Woodside.  Since I love hiking among the trees, I thought it would be fun to meet new people and introduce  them to yoga in an outdoor setting instead of in a yoga studio.  Teaching Hiking Yoga seemed like a natural fit!

How has becoming a part of the Hiking Yoga Family impacted your yoga career?

Lisa G 1

My involvement with Hiking Yoga has allowed me to have more fun and be relaxed in my teaching.  I bring more lightness and fun to the practice.  It has broadened my reach and my ability to bring yoga to other mediums besides the studio.  I have fun in the outdoors teaching yoga in the forest as well on the water.  Through Hiking Yoga I learned of the Pose 4 a Purpose and connected with the organizers to support this worthy cause.

Do you have any particular service organizations or non-profit affiliations you care to share with us?

logoAs I mentioned, I am looking forward to volunteering my time to Pose 4 a Purpose: An Outdoor Yoga Festival benefiting  Cancer CAREpoint on September 13, 2014 in Los Gatos, CA.  There are many ways to participate and I hope to have lots of people come out and have some fun supporting a great cause.


Cancer CAREpoint is an organization dedicated to transforming support for cancer patients, families and caregivers in Silicon Valley through personalized, one-on-one Counseling, Assistance, Resources and Education.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to meet people in the holistic community and give the gift of love, yoga and fun back to people who need more support and compassion during their time of healing. 

Where do you turn for inspiration?

I love watching all the video clips of my yoga friends on Instagram. Elephant journal also has great articles and my favorite inspiration of all is The Daily Love by Mastin Kipp.

Share something fun or silly about yourself that your community might not be aware of?

My other passions are massage along with aromatherapy with the help of doTerra oils.

Dolterra Oils


For ideas on how to contribute your resources (either time and energy or money) you might enjoy checking out Universal Giving. 100% of your donations go towards previously vetted causes.


From Iceland to Peru to Japan: Inspiring the Yoga Entrepreneur


I am always amazed at the vast range of ideas from people all across the globe interested in how Hiking Yoga could thrive in their communities.  Each week inquiries come in from teachers wanting to train to make their own business out of Hiking Yoga.

– There is the idea of a Yoga Hike that would be integrated into the sacred trails of Machu Picchu.

– There have been offers to blend cross country skiing and Hiking Yoga in Alaska and Colorado.

– Some want to start their Hiking Yoga business utilizing the Appalachian Trail in the Smoky Mountains.

– Christian churches are interested in offering a spiritual experience on their Yoga Hikes.

– There are also endless landscape options for Hiking Yoga in Iceland due to their rapidly growing yoga tourism business.

This list is just a small snapshot of the ideas I have been approached with in the past couple of months!

People hear the idea of combining their yoga practice into their time in nature and they see no limit to climate, terrain, belief, or culture. They see the amazing advantage of the mind/body/nature connection and they want to know more!

I know that inspiration can be an elusive thing…you have to find the right moment to catch the spark and nurture it.  I get to support others in growing their vision to help it become the content of their daily lives.  Taking a vision and bringing it to fruition is not an easy task, but it is possible.

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most electrifying experiences especially when your vision turns the corner and takes a life of its own. It takes cultivating your spark and building your habits and practices around making a consistent offering.  It becomes a practice that will challenge, humble and inspire you. With this combination of determination and vision, even making a living from your aspirations is possible!

I consider it such a blessing to play a role in helping others turn their dreams into a reality through Hiking Yoga Training.

Nurture Your Mind and Body in Nature!

hiking yoga outdoor benefits 7 Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Reach your arms up to the sky…root your feet into the earth…take a deep breathe in…

We hear these cues in the studio yoga but it would help if we were surrounded by sky, earth and fresh air!  There are great benefits to stepping off the mat and taking your yoga practice outdoors.

Green exercise or activity in the presence of nature…

  • Improves self-esteem and mood by increasing serotonin
  • Revitalizes us and makes us feel more alive
  • Improves focus
  • Lowers risk of obesity
  • Increases exercise frequency
  • Is the best way to get a daily dose of Vitamin D
  • Increases oxygen uptake for improved metabolism

Hiking Yoga adds in the cardio of hiking to create the best recipe for a healthy happy YOU!

Relaxation Health Benefits

What You Gain From Your Workout 

Tree at water

Customers come to us seeking a wide variety of benefits to enhance their lifestyle. Some yoga hikers come to distress after a long day or week in the office.

Various relaxation techniques, meditations and breathing exercises are more fulfilling and grounding in natural flowing air, compared to an enclosed class where the amount of oxygen is limited. The websiteHealth and Yoga lists more benefits of meditation, including increase in serotonin production. This influences mood and behavior. Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression, obesity, insomnia and headaches.

We sometimes use the Ujjayi breath on yoga hikes which helps to establish that relaxing and connected sensation inside your body, and establish a rhythm with the gentle sounds of nature. Check out what our friends at Yoga Journal has to say about the practice, how to do correctly, and benefits!

Portland Kickoff Coming Up Fast!

Portland mountain view  Big excitement for Portland yogis, hikers and  work-out enthusiasts alike, with yoga hikes kicking off June 4th!  Meet your fitness goals with friends and like-minded people at the beautiful Hoyt Arboretum in Washington Park.

Washington Park is one of the oldest, best loved, and most widely used Portland waterfallparks in Portland. The park has spectacular views of downtown, two rivers and Mt. Hood. With over 400 acres of trees, gardens, attractions and playgrounds and 15 miles of trails, this is an oasis of green space just minutes from downtown Portland. All of this and more can be reached easily by car, bus or light rail. For seasonal highlights, please click here and on the right hand side select the month you want to go on a yoga hike.

Butt-Busting Workout Hits Kansas!

Joining Historic Sites with Fitness

The hiking yoga hybrid has thrived in San Francisco as a popular fitness activity that is fun, invigorating and unique. The workout that combines Mats in bagthe cardio of an outdoor boot camp with the power and grace of yoga has been taken across the country.

Starting May 15th Kansas City, Missouri has an amazing team running yoga hikes out of Loose Park. Shawnee Mission Park, Kansas also has geared up and is ready for you and your friends to check out! Make sure to get a class with Eric Kipp, the owner and founder of Hiking Yoga, before he returns to headquarters in San Francisco.

loose park  Loose Park is well-known locally as  being a historically important site for the Battle of Westport. Confederate forces  were routed by Union forces in the  area in which the park is now located.


Now 75-acres Loose Park has Kansas City’s municipal rose garden with over 4,000 roses of nearly 150 varieties. The garden recently underwent a $400,000 renovation project, which included planting 1,200 new roses and restoring the beds to the original plans.

Shawnee Mission Park is a multi-use, 1,250-acre park, a great place to go on a hike, watch hot air balloons take off and see beautishawnee boatful views of the lake and people fishing. The marina offers boat rentals, including canoes, pedal boats, kayaks, and fishing boats. Yoga Hikes meet by the tennis courts on the West side of the park 10 minutes before the start of the  yoga hike.

Free Yoga Hikes!

Have you checked out our rewards program? It is quick and user friendly– customers are earning free yoga hikes, and you can too! Check out Perkville, an awesome site hooking our customers up!

  • Simply go to www.perkville.com
  • Scroll down and click Hiking Yoga on the left hand side
  • Create an account and let the points roll in!
Attending a Yoga Hike =  2 points
Posting on Facebook about HY =  1 point
Refer a friend new to HY* =  4 point
  • Receive more points when posting on Facebook, and a ton by referring!
  • After you finish each yoga hike you will receive an email with your points
  • Accumulate 15 points and get a free yoga hike
  • 4 point referrals may not use Groupon