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Refine Your Niche – Become the Yoga Entrepreneur

Imagine the excitement in sharing your work at an international venue like the Yoga Journal Conferences! Many of the most recognizable teachers in the world participate. The level of energy the teachers and students bring ignites the training and reconnects us with our passion for yoga. In sharing the joy of Hiking Yoga on all different levels, I wanted to help so many of the yoga teachers that have their own amazing niche, but expressed a need for a map to refine it and become the Yoga Entrepreneur they envision!  Hiking Yoga has a unique niche and as a family business, we put our hearts into it as Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. We celebrate being present outdoors by encouraging others to take their practice to a multidimensional level. These building blocks are the stairs that lead us to the Yoga Journal Conferences year after year.

This time around I am leading Yoga Hikes on the beach in Miami at the prestigious Westin Diplomat  with its swanky palm trees and fabulous pools adjacent to the beach.

As I arrive with my family, I have only one day to design a course that integrates the best of the resort, ocean views and all other images people may have of bliss filled yoga on the beach. It is exhilarating and challenging to show off the best aspects of new locations on the fly. I am a map nerd and love studying the possibilities to deliver the most exhilarating experience.

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It can be intimidating making your offering next to some of the top teachers in the world. Yoga lovers pay for entrance to the conference and can pick from whomever sounds most appealing. We initially offered two 2-hour Yoga Hikes per day and to our delight they sold out right away!

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Why is it that I have much less name recognition than some of these renown yoga teachers but still have a rush of yogis signing up to participate in a Yoga Hike?

It is the power of offering something compelling and unique that makes all the difference.  

This represents the heart of finding your niche and offering your best work whatever that may be. I feel so blessed to have found mine and have created an opportunity to share that experience with you. Through Hiking Yoga Training I want to teach you to grow your niche so one day you too will work with some of the most exciting teachers and have your offering be recognized in conferences around the world!

To the students at the conference, Hiking Yoga offers an eye opening and gratifying yoga practice. We will hike and enjoy the quintessential thrills of Florida and practice yoga in nature with the waves flowing in harmony with the breathe.

Leading Yoga Hikes around the world in unique and breathtaking landscapes inspired me to share my established brand with others. I know the hard work and passion it takes to bring a niche to life. I want to share my unique offering by combining your passion and working together to refine your niche to help YOU thrive as a Yoga Entrepreneur for a lifetime!

14-Day Cleanse with Hiking Yoga

We are excited to announce the second round of Hiking Yoga’s Introduction to Integrated Health! Our 14 day cleanse is lead by Founder & Life Coach, Eric Kipp, and Holistic Health Coach, Caley Alyssa. May’s cleanse went fantastically well. Congratulations again to those who participated and who have been continuing to make positive changes in their lifestyle!

Offering our client’s & community an amazing  discounted deal  $99.00!

Save 63%, over $170 from the full price! ($270.00)

Deal ends Tuesday, July 31st  



August 14th-27th

September 11th-24th

November 6th-19th

January 8th-21st

 As noted the dates for the summer cleanse will be in August and not July. We have chosen to add more value, so we pushed the next cleanse back to add webinars and other fun features to improve our support to you and strengthen the cleansing community bond. Check out the trailer to gain a better understanding of what it’s all about!

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Please take some time to visit our web page for more details and FAQ’s . If you have further questions, contact Caley directly at caley@hikingyoga.com. She will be happy to assist and answer any questions about how our program will meet your needs.

Sign Up Now

You will see yoga hikes in our SF, Berkeley, Woodside, Los Gatos & Portland locations. The cleanse is open to anyone regardless of location, but you will need to create an account if this is not your regular hiking grounds. We are in the process of merging our three regions to make your lives easier, more information on this below.

Signing Up for the Cleanse

1. Go to the Northern Region mindbody page and select the “Workshops” tab

2. Select the “Sign up Now” button

3. Select the “Enroll” button

4. Select “Checkout”

5. Enter your credit card information and complete the process

Questions on sign-up? No problem, shoot us an email at admin@hikingyoga.com or view our FAQ’s.