HY Training

HY 10Train with Eric Kipp

Our training format is custom tailored to your needs as a teacher, business owner, and community leader. We work together to assess your needs so we can create the most powerful and cost effective plan. Our goal is to get your business up and thriving in the shortest time possible.

Learn How To…

bring hiking yoga to your community
work with the bio-mechanics and ergonomics of hiking, conduct site selection, sequence asana, integrate meditation, integrate partner yoga
develop your yoga business
create a marketing and social media plan for your business: identify your ideal target audience, define what makes you unique, create your brand leverage your hiking yoga offering to develop more income from: private clients, corporate opportunities, workshops, retreats


HY 1The Details…

The coaching sessions are delivered via Skype. The pace of homework and plan execution will be determined by your availability and ambition. Some people want to jump right in and get up and running in an intense burst of action while others have layers of commitments and want to integrate at their pace as life allows.

Please send your bio, a paragraph on why you want to train with us, and your intended market to eric@hikingyoga.com or contact us for more information.

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