From Iceland to Peru to Japan: Inspiring the Yoga Entrepreneur


I am always amazed at the vast range of ideas from people all across the globe interested in how Hiking Yoga could thrive in their communities.  Each week inquiries come in from teachers wanting to train to make their own business out of Hiking Yoga.

– There is the idea of a Yoga Hike that would be integrated into the sacred trails of Machu Picchu.

– There have been offers to blend cross country skiing and Hiking Yoga in Alaska and Colorado.

– Some want to start their Hiking Yoga business utilizing the Appalachian Trail in the Smoky Mountains.

– Christian churches are interested in offering a spiritual experience on their Yoga Hikes.

– There are also endless landscape options for Hiking Yoga in Iceland due to their rapidly growing yoga tourism business.

This list is just a small snapshot of the ideas I have been approached with in the past couple of months!

People hear the idea of combining their yoga practice into their time in nature and they see no limit to climate, terrain, belief, or culture. They see the amazing advantage of the mind/body/nature connection and they want to know more!

I know that inspiration can be an elusive thing…you have to find the right moment to catch the spark and nurture it.  I get to support others in growing their vision to help it become the content of their daily lives.  Taking a vision and bringing it to fruition is not an easy task, but it is possible.

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most electrifying experiences especially when your vision turns the corner and takes a life of its own. It takes cultivating your spark and building your habits and practices around making a consistent offering.  It becomes a practice that will challenge, humble and inspire you. With this combination of determination and vision, even making a living from your aspirations is possible!

I consider it such a blessing to play a role in helping others turn their dreams into a reality through Hiking Yoga Training.


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