Butt-Busting Workout Hits Kansas!

Joining Historic Sites with Fitness

The hiking yoga hybrid has thrived in San Francisco as a popular fitness activity that is fun, invigorating and unique. The workout that combines Mats in bagthe cardio of an outdoor boot camp with the power and grace of yoga has been taken across the country.

Starting May 15th Kansas City, Missouri has an amazing team running yoga hikes out of Loose Park. Shawnee Mission Park, Kansas also has geared up and is ready for you and your friends to check out! Make sure to get a class with Eric Kipp, the owner and founder of Hiking Yoga, before he returns to headquarters in San Francisco.

loose park  Loose Park is well-known locally as  being a historically important site for the Battle of Westport. Confederate forces  were routed by Union forces in the  area in which the park is now located.


Now 75-acres Loose Park has Kansas City’s municipal rose garden with over 4,000 roses of nearly 150 varieties. The garden recently underwent a $400,000 renovation project, which included planting 1,200 new roses and restoring the beds to the original plans.

Shawnee Mission Park is a multi-use, 1,250-acre park, a great place to go on a hike, watch hot air balloons take off and see beautishawnee boatful views of the lake and people fishing. The marina offers boat rentals, including canoes, pedal boats, kayaks, and fishing boats. Yoga Hikes meet by the tennis courts on the West side of the park 10 minutes before the start of the  yoga hike.


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